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Diet against the stomach acidity

I suffer of acidity in the stomach What I must do? The acidity in the stomach or Reflujo Gastroesofágico (RGE) is the process through which, part of the stomach content happens of stomach to the esophagus, through sphincter superior of this one last one, call cardia. It is by this, that a symptom that usually presents the people who suffer this affection is quemazón in the part of subsequent to the breastbone. Although it is necessary to comment that it is not necessary to feel this annoyance (to read more)

Rations of carbohydrates

What is a ration of carbohydrates? They vary the weights of the rations when the food is crude or is cooked? A ration of any food type, is a standard gauge through which the calculation of A rations is facilitated to ingest in a diet and the interchange of rations of foods of the same group. In the case of carbohydrates, a net ration is characterized to contain approximately 50 g of this nutrient, without depending on the typology of (to read more)

Foods for the hair health

What nutrients take part in the growth of the hair and which are the foods more recommended to reduce their fall? The increase of the fall of hair at the times of transition (summer-autumn and winter-spring) is very common, as much in men as in women. Factors as stress, the mood, hormonal cycles or the genetics, are very important in the regeneration of the hair; but also the feeding. Many are the nutrients that keep one (to read more)

Dietotherapy in Diverticulosis

What can eat a diagnosed person of Diverticulosis? The diverticulosis is a process by which throughout the gastrodigestivo tract small cavities form or “bags”. These, mainly, form in the part of colon or heavy intestine. The reasons by which these cavities take place are very diverse and they are not absolutely clear, although if certain factors have been identified, eg: the changes or difficulties that undergo the movements (to read more)

Irregular feeding and menstruations

What to eat when the menstruation is irregular? According to several of the consulted studies, the irregular menstruation is characterized mainly by an excessive and prolonged menstrual bleeding, associated to periods of irregularity. Also, in some cases previous annoyances to the menstruation can be presenar, which is known as pre-menstrual Syndrome. In the case of excessive bleeding, with this significant loss of blood a great amount is also lost of (to read more)

Diuretic foods

Which are the most diuretic foods, and what exactly cause in nuetro organism? The diuretic term makes reference to the relation between the content of Potassium and Sodium of foods. It is by this, that foods can to classify as products diuretic (those that has a greater amount of Potassium than of Sodium), against the nondiuretic ones. Also, the water content of foods favors the diuretic properties of a food. By (to read more)

Infusions of cinnamon and honey to lose weight

It works to take infusions from cinnamon and honey to become thin? Lately a hot glass of water with average teaspoon has become very popular taking from cinnamon in dust and a teaspoon of honey, half an hour before having breakfast half an hour and before eating. And it is that, are many the blogs divulging forums and videos, those that recommend and defend this habit. Nevertheless, what has of certain in this act? In the case of the cinnamon, many studies have demonstrated the capacity (to read more)

Feeding and menopause

What food foods or groups must especially consume the women during the menopause? The period of the climacteric includes three differentiated stages good: the 2-4 previous years to the disappearance of the menstruation, the period of menopause or total disappearance of the menstruation, and the year subsequent to this process. Not only the process is due to consider subsequent to the disappearance of the menstruation, since for this moment surely they will have taken place (to read more)

Foods with contained sugar major

Are the chocolatinas the foods that more sugar they have? As it is possible to be observed in the following nutritional pyramid, propose by the Foundation Mediterranean Diet, in his peak or it divides more discharge are the candies, which consider products of sporadic consumption. Source: Foundation Mediterranean Diet the chocolatinas are classified within this food group, reason why its consumption must be very precise. This is due to its high content in (to read more)

How to realise a complete dinner

It is good for having dinner pineapple in his juice with skimmed yogurt sweetened? As we commented previously in a published question, the best fruits to eat at night are those with a minor contained in sugar. Between these, is pineapple, and especially the pineapple tinned in its juice, since on the contrary that syrup pineapple, pineapple in its juice contains less sugar. On the other hand, sweetened skimmed natural yogurt is the best one of the options of desserts (to read more)