What food foods or groups must especially consume the women during the menopause?

The period of the climacteric includes three differentiated stages good: the 2-4 previous years to the disappearance of the menstruation, the period of menopause or total disappearance of the menstruation, and the year subsequent to this process. Not only the process is due to consider subsequent to the disappearance of the menstruation, since for this moment surely changes in the organism will have taken place, which do not have because to present symptoms. During the course of these three stages they are going away to produce hormonal changes that are going to condition factors as the metabolism, the corporal composition or the psychological state.

Although each case is different, several aspects can be established to approach during the climacteric:

- Prevention of the obesity, mainly at abdominal or central level.

- Bony conservation of mass

- Promotion of the muscular state

Derivatives of these premises, are recommendable that the women during the climacteric pay special attention to certain type of food groups:

- Milky: These represent the main nourishing Calcium source. He is preferable that is consumed in their skimmed version and avoiding the addition of sugar, honey or jam. In order to cover the needs with this mineral in the women majors of 50 years, it is necessary to ingest of daily form 3 rations of milky, which would include, a glass of milk, a piece of cheese and two yogurts.

- Rich vitamin foods D. Approximately, this nutrient is in the blue fish, some milky ones and in the animal liver certain.

- Vegetal: By its content in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and its little contribution in calories, is the perfect food group to satiate the organism of a healthful form. In general population he is recommendable to consume minimum two rations of vegetables and vegetables to the day, although in the case of the women during the menopause he is advisable who increase the amount of vegetables to three daily rations; which can be consumed in the form of salads, cold vegetable creams or I warm up, boiled vegetable, vegetable barbecue, crushed in the form of gazpacho, etc.

- Farinaceous with a high fiber content, especially, to base the carbohydrate ingestion on vegetables or integral cereals. Consumed with moderation and distributed well throughout the day, thanks to its high content in fiber and its saciante power, they help to reduce the risk of suffering obesity.

Finally, it is possible to emphasize once again, that this cambiante between his different stages and in different women is a process very. For this reason, not always he is effective to provide some recommendations of general form, since in many cases the individual treatment on the part of a endocrinólogo or dietista-nutricionsta will be necessary.