It is good for having dinner pineapple in his juice with skimmed yogurt sweetened?

As we commented previously in a published question, the best fruits to eat at night are those with a minor contained in sugar. Between these, is pineapple, and especially the pineapple tinned in its juice, since on the contrary that syrup pineapple, pineapple in its juice contains less sugar. On the other hand, sweetened skimmed natural yogurt is the best one of the options of milky desserts, since the Calcium contribution and proteins are very correct, and its content in sugars and lipids is very low.

Nevertheless, although pineapple in their juice and natural yogurt is a very correct combination, they are not foods sufficient to take in a dinner. Not even in people who realise very low diets in calories, or thinning diets, are recommended to them to take so concise dinners.

Considering the nutritional balance, in any main food (eaten or it has dinner) they must be present three food groups: the carbohydrates, the proteins and the vegetables. A dinner would have to consist of some farinaceous one, as it can be the potato, the rice, grazes, the vegetables or the bread; combined with meats, fish or eggs, and a good amount of vegetables, which can be prepared in the form of salad, vegetables boiled, vegetable cream, etc. Of the combination of these three food groups obtains the nutrients necessary to maintain a correct nutritional state, since only ingesting pineapple in their juice and yogurt, we are stopping eating other foods with very necessary nutrients for our organism, such as the fiber, the amino acids and many vitamins and minerals.

In the case of some hypocaloric diets or diets of thinning, it is recommended not to take carbohydrates during dinner, since after this food the physical activity is very low. Nevertheless, this is a very general recommendation that is not due to consider of individual form or without to be consulted with a dietista-dietician.