What is the index of corporal mass (IMC)? What means?

The index of corporal mass is a value associated to your weight (in kg) and height (in cm), that calculates of the following way:


The index of corporal mass indicates, statistically, what is the morphology of a person. The interpretation of the IMC depends on the age of the person, grouping them in the categories general (of 18 to 60 years) and geriatrical (more than 60 years). A representative index for very sport minors of 18 years or people is not considered.

In the general category (of 18 to 60 years), the following values are accepted:

Value Description
<16 Severe undernourishment
16.1 – 16.9 Moderate undernourishment
17 – 18.9 Low weight
19 – 24.9 Normal weight
25 – 29.9 Overweight
30 – 34.9 Obesity type I
35 – 39.9 Obesity type II
>40 Obesity type III

You can automatically calculate your index of corporal mass in the section of Recommended Daily Ingestion.