File per months: June 2013

It works to take infusions from cinnamon and honey to become thin?

Lately a hot glass of water with average teaspoon has become very popular taking from cinnamon in dust and a teaspoon of honey, half an hour before having breakfast half an hour and before eating. And it is that, are many the blogs divulging forums and videos, those that recommend and defend this habit. Nevertheless, what has of certain in this act?

In the case of the cinnamon, many studies have demonstrated the capacity that has this product to reduce glicémia or sugar levels in blood, as much in healthy patients, as in obese patients and patients with. However, the effects of the cinnamon on glicémia sufficiently are not elevated as being able to act by itself in cases of diabetes. It is by this, that in the majority of the scientific studies, the use of cinnamon always sets out as complementary product, that is to say, never replacing a therapy with drugs. Also, the studies are many that conclude that more studies are necessary, better designed, with different situations and patients and during longer periods from time, to be able to affirm of evident form these properties of the cinnamon.

In relation to the hot water use; by the elasticity effect, the movements are increased of the stomach and the internal, causing that the intestinal transit is faster, and in some cases take place desposiciones. On the other hand, the honey is not more than a product type that it sweetens, that in little difference of the sugar, as far as content of calories.

Therefore, it is not possible to be hoped that taking infusions from cinnamon and honey one is only able to become thin, and much less to lose between two and three kilos to the week without changing of eating habits; as they affirm some sources in Internet.

By this, it is necessary to affect that always it is necessary to assume an objective and critical position before certain miraculous affirmations, trying to discover which are the benefits based on scientific researches, or going to qualified professionals to know of its advice.


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