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What to eat when the menstruation is irregular?

According to several of the consulted studies, the irregular menstruation is characterized mainly by an excessive and prolonged menstrual bleeding, associated to periods of irregularity. Also, in some cases previous annoyances to the menstruation can be presenar, which is known as pre-menstrual Syndrome.

In the case of excessive bleeding, with this significant loss of blood a great amount of Iron is also lost. It is by this, that the needs of this mineral of the women in fertile age is major that in the men, concretely of 18 mgs to the day. For this reason, special attention to those foods with high Iron contents is due to render, to be able to reconstitute the losses before commented. For example, by means of a regular consumption of red meat (minimum twice for week) and prioritizing foods as the clams and vegetables.

CIMG4382-1024x768 Rations - Meats and derivatives - red Meats - Thin of calf
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Rich Iron foods.

On the other hand, there are certain nutritional supplements that it seems to be can improve this irregularity, as is the case of the evening primrose oil (Oenothera). Although a scientific evidence is not had of which this substance helps to regularize the periods, the studies are some that suggest this effect. For it, he is recommendable to take between 1 and 10 g to the day of this oil, which normally is commercialized in the form of pearls that are advised that they are consumed in different takings distributed throughout the day.


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