What fruits are less recommendable to eat at night?
Dinner is normally the last food of the day and after this one usually we relax, reason why our physical activity after dinner is very low. For this reason, we must consider the amount of sugar that contains the fruit that we are going to eat.
He is recommendable to choose fruits with a low content in fructose (own sugar of the fruit); reason why he is preferable to choose fruits of the group of the citruses, since they have as characteristic having a smaller glycemic index (term, next published in “Dictionary of the nutrition”, future section of Seathaibistrosr). Examples of citric fruits are the orange, the mandarin, the strawberries, pineapple or the kiwi. Also, if we consumed the fruits with the skin, that is to say, without peeling them, we ingested a greater amount of fiber, and the fructose is absorbed of slower form.
On the other hand, at night he is advisable to reduce the consumption of fruits with a major contained in sugar, as the grapes, figs, the banana or the exotic fruits, as the handle.
Finally, to comment that those people who undergo of gastroesofágico ebb tide or heartburn are preferable that does not abuse the citruses at night, since to the being acid foods they can produce or aggravate this annoyance.